Sunday 17 November 2019


For my American friends and British this might amuse you.  Hope it works.  I think you copy and paste.  Well worth it if it works!  Do let me know.

Visit to the Prom.

Two small boats.

One big boat.

The Kessock Burn sculpting itself to a different image.

The seaweed creating pools and reflections.

Nature creates and Man makes a mess.

Two very large dogs.

On the home front.  I am purchasing a new tablet.  I use the tablet for painting from the photographs uploaded onto it.  It has become increasingly slow and annoying and stilting my creativity.  I dont do much in my life but painting is a must do.  So.  Todays work in progress.  Bit pathetic.  But a start.

Signing off now with I hope another video that works again on the same song.  Hope you enjoy. copy and paste and let me know what you think.  Thought provoking.  Promise not to do it again - for a while anyway!


Ellen D. said...

Love the photos of the brightly colored boats. The songs were well done but so sad because it is so true and such a mess. Thanks for sharing, Jill!

Jackie said...

The burn seems to have an ever changing life.

God bless.

Ann T said...

Copy and paste worked fine, and I both enjoyed and was horrified by the lyrics. Unfortunately too true!
Really enjoy your blog. I love the sea too, here in sunny Berwick. Ann