Thursday, 21 November 2019


I must be doing well as I had a really nasty comment on my post yesterday which I deleted.

The DP and I went to the Prom after lunch.

Faithlea entering the harbour.

Followed by a small boat.
Note the Cormorants and Shags on the harbour wall.

The rain stopped, but it was cold and there was a breeze.

A coach load of primary school children were out on a beach clean.  I make a guess it was plastic nurdles they were looking for?

Just before the kids landed on the beach and scared them off - Oystercatchers.

And the Gull Gang.

Back home and in to the Shedudio.  A miniscule bit of painting.  Then it got really dark.  Hate November.  When is the Winter Solstice?  I am away to Google it.  Goodnight all.


busybusybeejay said...

A really grey day here in North Wales.Like you I hate November.

Chris said...

I think it is December 21st. so still a month off!

Jules said...

It looks as though the grey and gloomy weather will be here for a while. I think the solstice is the 22nd this year. I'll be getting out the fairy lights sooner rather than later. X