Thursday 7 November 2019

Two Posts today.

Struggling with new technology I was so pleased to get the You Tube Video saved and then could not add on to the post.  So you get two posts.  Ok?

It has been cold today and the wind made it worse on the Prom.  I was bad with my breathing today so the DP came with me after altering Sith Cats appointment at the vets so he could.

Lesser Black Backed Gulls mainly.

On the left of the beach the Oystercatchers gathered.  I did a short walk.

Back home and into the Shedudio.  Visit from a wee flock of Long Tailed Tits.

We have new neighbours at the front of the house.

Two different breeds?

The DP took Sith cat to be weighed by the nurse and he has put on some weight.  What was gob smacking was there was no charge for weighing the cat.


Chris said...

Sheep wearing their winter coats, I see.

Jules said...

I like your new neighbours.
No charge for something at the vets!? Now that's a surprise. Mog needs to go at the end of the month for her vaccinations and a check up. At the rate she's going through her bags of food I suspect she will have put on weight.