Wednesday 20 November 2019

Strange Day.

The DP and his photographic Society had a visit to the Lifeboat Station from 10 til 12.  Of course it was way after that he even got off the Lifeboat.

So here he is in full chat mode with the Coxwain.

Some time ago there was a rescue carried out and what was rescued was a blow up Penguin.  Filled with helium gas which was leaking the Penguin was going round in circles.  And someone thought it was a body..... 

The Lifeboat Station then received quite a few Penguins.  Also Penguin biscuits!

With the DP home late lunch was late also.  Did not impress me one bit.  I was late going to the Prom.

It was cold and windy.  I managed the railings.  Lots of seaweed.  The Gull Gang.  And hardly any other people.

Then it was home.  Into the Shedudio.  Yes it was warm as the stove had been lit as I left the house.  But it was getting dark and not conducive for the creative juices to flow.  Hoping for a better, more 'normal' day tomorrow.  

My smile of the day.

No way that is wind.

See you tomorrow.


Chris said...

New grandkids are delightful, aren't they? Wish they stayed small for ever (mine are all or almost teenagers).

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

What darling grandchildren! So worth a smile!

kjsutcliffe said...

My day went a bit squiff to the original plan - life does that a lot! But it did not include a stint in the studio as was just too cold again - so ended up hanging art on a wall - will blog about that some time soon x

Jackie said...

What adorable smiles.

God bless.

Jules said...

I'm sorry, but the penguin story made me chuckle. And that is definitely a beautiful smile. X

Bovey Belle said...

What adorable grandchildren. Smiles guaranteed by a photo like that.

Smiling at the thought of that penguin!

Sorry about the nasty comment - why do people do that? Totally unwarranted.