Sunday, 1 December 2019


The day before Monday when the DP goes to Aberdeen to have a discuss about what happens next - I think - re his prostate.  He is totally laid back while my anxiety levels rise!  Stupid I am.  Although my eldest child assured me they would not put me in a care home.  How she thinks I will survive I know not or why!!  But its nice to know.  I remember my Dad saying whatever happens don't put me in an Eventide Home!

Today we went to the Prom. Quelle suprise.

There was some sunshine.  It was cold and there was a nippy breeze.


The Surfers were gathering.

On the far side of the bay were Kite Surfers.

And finally they get going.

So I walked.

The Golden Horn.

Black Headed Gull in winter plumage.

Back home to crack on with the Christmas Card production.

A successful day.


kjsutcliffe - artist said...

Lovely cards, you can only wait until you get his results back before you need to worry and you might find it is no need to xx

Chris said...

Fingers crossed for a positive outcome for the DP. Lovely cards - I had better hunt out any that I have left from last year!

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Lovely cards - wish mine were more than just an idea at this stage - I feel very behind this year.

BadPenny said...

Thinking of you xx

Sue in Suffolk said...

Hope you don't have to worry anymore after the hospital appointment.
The waves rolling in photo.............makes me just so green with envy!

Cherie said...

I can almost smell that fresh sea air. Hope the results come back and give you peace of mind. x