Sunday, 8 December 2019

Here we go again.

Woke up to this.

At the request of the council we removed a healthy Leylandii hedge.  Replaced the old damaged fence.  At our cost.  In turn they were to improve signage and fit corner indicaters to protect our verge.  They havent done anything.  And the boy racers are back.  I dont know who did it but I have to pay for it to be fixed.  We are to get a camera.  More expense.

This morning the DP brought in the Christmas decorations from the garage into the hallway.  He then went to inspect the damage on the fence - and a chat to the neighbour of course.  I then heard a rustling and scrabbling from the IKEA bag which contained the stand up snowmen and reindeer.  Stuck my head out the front door and shouted .  On his return I was informed it was not a mouse.  These two were short tailed Voles.  I just wanted them out of the house.  There was a bit of a chase round of one of the Voles, but in the end they were out.  Sith cat slept through the whole adventure.  One snowman had to be binned having been chewed into a nest.

I never get bored......

A very large boat on the horizon.

A young surfer having fun.

Almost empty beach.

So the tree is decorated and some snowmen and a reindeer on the sitting room window sill.

Photos tomorrow.  Also made a small inroad on writing the cards.  Small pile to post.  More to do.

Exhausted but not bored.


Jackie said...

Voles are such ugly looking creatures. Sorry you had to bin your snowman.

Hope you get some help from the council in finding who is racing and wreaking your fence.

God bless.

Jules said...

Oh no! You did warn this would happen again. I hope the council do something about it now. X

Bovey Belle said...

When I came down to feed the outside cats this past week, there was the teeniest baby? shrew in one of their bowls. Looks like the wee folk are finding somewhere nice and warm at your house!

Since the Council have done nothing to improve the signage on your corner, perhaps you could get up a reflective sign on the fence? I really cannot see the point of your having to take out the healthy Leylandii hedge at their suggestion, when they have done nothing in return. Even a High Viz jacket stapled to the fence might help (though obviously v. unsightly!!!)

wherethejourneytakesme said...

That has made a bit of a fine mess and just before Christmas too. We find at our cottage in Scotland where we have many issues with the council that you have to keep on at them to get things done. I would certainly go to my MP if you get no response and the local paper - you could have children playing on the other side of your fence.

Sue in Suffolk said...

As someone else used to say " I Don't BELIEVE it!
Thought the whole point of the hedge going was for better visibility so it didn't happen again - I didn't know it was kids racing

vic said...

Yes. you should go again to the Council and apprise them of another run-in with you fence. Be sure to note or mention ALL the other times that this has happened and the things that YOU have done at their request to remedy the situation as well as the things that THEY have said they would to do but not followed through on----just in case they have memory lapses.

A letter to the local newspaper as suggested above would be a good addition and might prompt some action. Maybe you could recruit some of your neighbors and friends to write in some trenchant remarks supporting your letter. Nothing like public opinion to sway elected members of governing boards.

Jean said...

Aw, how unkind Jackie, Voles are lovely little creatures, and they were just trying to find somewhere warm and safe to survive the winter. They don't judge you and your looks, poor little things. As for the snowman, nature and life are far more important than a bit of easily replaced Christmas decor.
Regarding the fence, after all the effort and expense on your part Jill and DP, I would be absolutely furious with the council and driver. A camera is an excellent idea, I hope you catch the culprits and make them pay.