Monday, 9 December 2019

Bits and pieces.

Very windy.  Hail, rain.  Not nice.

We managed the Prom.  The DP said I should go.  So reluctantly I did.

The sea was really wild.  I managed to get to the railings.  The wind was blowing across the Prom and was cold.  The tide was coming in.

Oyster catchers.

The Gull Gang.

Back home and waiting for the joiner.  He is now coming tomorrow as he got delayed.  Our log man called to say he would be bringing us a load on Saturday.  Good.  All set for Christmas warmth.

The Tree.

Cards I am up to D!  Need to do better, tho I got the abroad ones done.

As I havent managed a walk for a couple of days I gave myself a good talking to and recommenced my pulmonary physio exercises after quite a gap.  I am determined to keep going.

Whether or not I get a carer tomorrow remains to be seen.

I contacted the council about the fence.  He had forgotten to put the work in action.  Really.  Down for January.

I despair.


kjsutcliffe - artist said...

Sometimes council staff are no more than 'jobsworth' - what a waste of time. Hope you gave him an earful about how your fence had been trashed due to his lackadaisical work ethic :(

Jules said...

A productive day. Your tree looks lovely.
Fingers crossed for both the carer and the council. X

wherethejourneytakesme said...

That does not surprise me that the Council forgot - you do have to keep nagging them to get things done. The Dumfries Council now has a workforce for highways repairs and the like of about 6 men and the area spans from the border at Gretna Green over to Stranraer and down the mull about 100 miles. Such a large area for such a tiny workforce.
Hope the carer has turned up - keep on with the exercises. Thanks for your advice on the frame - my mum would certainly need L plates - I still find her carrying her stick rather than using it!