Monday, 2 December 2019


Struggling with Anxiety but I got there.

After lunch the DP was off to Aberdeen Royal and I went to the Prom solo.

The Dunes.

The Burn.

One of the Surfers today.  On his way in.

Two small Boats.

When I arrived home I managed to feed the birds outside the Shedudio.  This is a real struggle for me but I felt the birds expect it and they were all queuing up!  A pair of House Sparrows on the tree stump.  Also 5 Blackbirds, Chaffinch, Goldfinch, Tree Sparrows, Blue Tits, Great Tits and Coal Tits, Robins and Dunnocks.  Not good for photos through the window.

The DP was back around 5 p.m.  He had been examined physically.  Not too worried about him but he has to have an MRI scan and then back again for a biopsy.  This will all be after Christmas.  Normally an MRI is within  4 weeks of this examination but Christmas is in the way.  They have to find out why his levels of whatever it is are raised, although not very high.  So there you go.

He also managed to buy me a replacement camera!

So cold today it has been a constant struggle to stay warm.  How did I survive the 1950s?


Bovey Belle said...

I had 4 layers on today (top one a wool jumper) and it was still cold when we turned the heating off. Kitchen only around 60 and so we had the Hergom on several times today to take the chill off.

Well done for making it to the Prom on a solo trip. Try not to worry about your OH - though I imagine that's like saying don't shiver when it's cold. ((HUGS))

Chris said...

Yes, the furnace is running constantly here too. Not looking forward to the heating bill in January. Glad the DP is staying positive about his test results. Hope all will be good.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

It was my feet and legs that were so cold today - had to search out the woolly socks. Glad DP came through the first consultation OK - fingers crossed now for the scan.

Jules said...

It's been a very chilly few days here. Woolly jumpers and socks weather. X

Jackie said...

It must be lovely to have all those feathered friends come for a visit.

God bless.

busybusybeejay said...

We have got the heating on all day at the moment.In this kind of weather my hand knitted socks come in very useful.Very snugly.Well done going to the prom on your own.You are one determined lady.