Tuesday, 7 April 2020


Still painting.

and drawing.

And bird watching.

I drove the DP to the butcher.  He then walked to the chemist for my repeat prescription.  Meanwhile I drove to the Prom.  Not a soul in sight.  So after a while of deep breathing I got out and walked a bit until I saw another human.  At which point I returned to the car,  the DP joined me and we drove home.

My youngest grandchild is now 6 months old.

I get to Skype and get smiles.  I am grateful.  


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

He is beautiful! Lucky you!

mamasmercantile said...

He is adorable. I am so thankful for technology these days too. Stay safe.

Amanda said...

Was that a grouse? That would have been exciting. Glad you can get to the Prom. I miss being able to get to the beach; there's something about the salt air, it's better than a nebulizer treatment.

Barbee' said...

Six months already?! He's a cutie.

Staying Home said...

You went to the Prom? Again. You are unbelievable. Not to mention selfish. When we're all doing our utmost to abide by what is required of us you go to the Prom. Selfish, selfish woman only concerned by what you want. Grow up and stop having tantrums because you can't have what you want. Are you totally unable to think of others because you're so wound up in what you want? Is it the end of your world if you can't walk on the Prom for a while? It's the end of their life for many and a lifetime of grieving for those they leave behind. Every day we're being told to stay home, only make essential journeys for groceries or healthcare. What do you do? You go to the prom. You've been to the prom on other occasions when you know you're not supposed to. Stop being so selfish and only thinking of yourself.