Tuesday, 13 August 2019


The DP doing his Dawn Patrol took this photo of my Shedudio at Dawn.

By the Barley field.

He had to drive today I was not so good.  The Prom.

Small people in the sea with body boards.  Hopefully some adults nearby, though I couldnt see any.

Our lifeboat started off heading in their direction but then went out to sea.  They have rescued quite a few people from that area of the sea, but must have felt everything was ok.

This fishing boat had gone in the same direction.  Away on the hunt.  You dont see many green boats do you?

Earlier today after my wash from head to toe from my carer the grass cutters came.


While our grass shaving was going on we had a chat to the main man.  He was disgusted with the plans of the garden.  Also worried as he had recommended the designer    We have agreed with him that he will do the patio at the rear of the house.  Using the soil he will remove we will have a raised pond, so no digging or possible electrocution.  So we are all happy and work will commence in October when the grass stops growing.

We had a Rainbow.

A not very good sunset thanks to the clouds.

And now a big moon.



Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Your Shedudio is gorgeously charming. The green boat is unusual.

crafty cat corner said...

Will look forward to watching the progress of the pond, used to love sitting around our pond when we had an allotment.

Joan (Devon) said...

I'm glad that you've got your garden sorted out, finally.

marlane said...

I love my pond too I have a small fountain in it. No fish though as we have racoons that take them and I don't want to put a net over the top.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Sorry you were not so good today, but what beautiful photos you shared! The ocean is of such incredible variety. Ditto the sky. So glad there is a plan for your garden. I bet that man will not be recommending her anymore. She seems to have a lot to learn about what she wants to do.

Jackie said...

Beautiful sunrise over the Shedudio.

God bless.

Jean said...

I do love your photos. Thank you for sharing them.

Sandi said...

Gorgeous pictures!