Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Wednesdays witterings.

I spent the morning doing the minutes of the FASE 4 meeting of the Fraserburgh Art Group.  I tend to get so involved at the meetings and forget to write down what is being said its a nightmare to then write up the minutes!

In the afternoon I brought forward my walk time, so it was 1 p.m. rather than 2 p.m.

Our beautiful bay and beach.

By Gum it was cold.

Doesn't bother the Gull Gang.

Black Headed Gull posing prettily.  

The permanent wreck of the Sovereign by Cairnbulg across the bay.  I will do a separate post of this.  The boat to the left is steaming into Fraserburgh Harbour.  Mainly Cormorant roost now is the wreck!

So - the readjustment of the walking time meant I was down to the shedudio around 2 p.m.  So I had a good hour and more of daylight to paint.

Fox cub in the snow.



In between the painting I watched the birds outside the shedudio.

Pheasant.  At one point he had a hissy fit.  I can only assume there was another male pheasant nearby though I couldn't see him. But this one flared up his head feathers and ran round in circles.  Eventually he flew up onto the fence and sorted his feathers out.

Can you see him?


Chris said...

Great photo of the pheasant. Did you use a special lens (I'm not up on camera paraphernalia). I know how you feel about typing up the Minutes. I have the same problem so daren't let it go too long. That's my job tomorrow morning.

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

I see you have a lovely lot of sparrows, we used to, then they just vanished. Not gradually, just went. This year was the first time in about 3 years that we have seen some. One or two at a time, the best was one male and three female, all very nervous. Now and then I see one female at the bird feeder, so keep hoping that next year there will be more.

Got paperwork to do today, keep putting it off, but must get it done.... put the kettle on first though!

rusty duck said...

Pheasant. Hissy fit. Goes with the territory!