Friday, 17 November 2017


We were all geared up for a visitation today.  Our eldest daughter , the Doctor of Sociology, publisher of book, global conference speaker, and her tribe of boys and her partner to arrive for the weekend.

Sadly the youngest has a snotty nose.

He is fine.  But if he came here with a snotty nose I would not be.  Ah the down sides of having COPD.  Bum.

So we had a very large joint of beef this evening and there is a mountain of cheese in the fridge, lots of wine, not a problem, and swathes of vegetarian meals...... So we will survive a  famine.

Our Joiner came this morning and altho not yet sent in his quote for replacing the fence said it wouldnt be much.  Whether his much is the same as my much remains to be seen.  He can also do it fairly soon as he hasnt got much on at the moment.  So all good.  So far....

After lunch I went to the Prom.

Masses of Oystercatchers.  And others, Skurries, Blackheaded, juvenile Great Black Backed.

These photos were taken after 1 p.m.  just see how low the sun was from the shadows.


Surfers, of course, waiting for surf...

Sun warming, snoozing.

Then along comes one man and his dog.

Disappointed why one man and his dog cannot leave well alone.

Back home.

Down to the shedudio and more on the Gannet preening.  Realising that right eye is really in need of cataract operation.  Waiting list - thanks to government forget it.



Sue in Suffolk said...

So sorry about all the things that can't happen.
Col keeps catching colds from our Grandchildren too, he's now banned from seeing them before he goes into hospital.

justjill said...

I did wonder about that Sue. I have fingers and toes crossed for Col. It really is the pits when you cannot see nearest and dearest for fear of infections. But hey ho. xxx

Hilary said...

My mother always said the fastest way to catch a cold is from a child.

Cataract surgery coming up, both eyes before Christmas, so my eyes will be perfect, while the rest of me falls apart. :)

Lanniesmum said...

What a lovely wee lad with mischief shining from that gorgeous smile. So sorry they could not visit, but I understand a lot more about COPD since I started reading your blog, Jill, and how readily you pick up infections. Happy weekend-it's lovely and sunny here near Glasgow. Catriona

Sencosue said...

Hello, first time I have commented on your blog which I really enjoy, the colour of the sea and sky in your photos is amazing. I love the one of all the oystercatchers. live near Pett Level in East Sussex and in the summer this year we were just sitting on the beach and we spotted 40 curlews boring in the sand at low tide. A man was walking his dog (off lead grrr!) and every time they got to where the curlews were all the birds flew up, calling that lovely curlew sound, and landed a few yards away and so it went on as the man and dog progressed along the beach. In the end the curlews flew over to some marsh land out of our sight. The first 10 minutes or so before the man/dog appeared was wonderful. I like dogs but not off lead when there are wonderful birds to watch. Your grand son is so, so cute, commiserations on your family having to cancel their visit. I really enjoy reading about your day to day life up in Scotland, such a long way from East Sussex, regards Sue H

BadPenny said...

Sorry you were disappointed xx

Scarlet said...

Your grandson is gorgeous; I'm so sorry that you couldn't have your planned visit with him and the rest of the family.

janipi said...

A gorgeous little redhead. Grandchildren are a wonderful gift but they do bring germs. OH and I have been full of a cold left by a snotty nosed little visitor. Good thing we love them so much:}