Monday, 13 November 2017

Back on the Prom.

The wind has dropped.  Allelulia.

I also found my hat that covers my ears.  And lots of clothes to put into a charity bag.  Including more hats I forgot I had.  Which dont cover my ears.  So why did I have them?  I don't really suit tea cosy hats.  This was all sorted while the DP was away on his social whirl shopping in Tesco and Lidl and meeting many of our friends, some who come and go on the Dial a Bus scheme.  

After lunch I had the full kit. Hat covering ears. Waterproof and windproof trousers, coat windproof and waterproof and bright red should anyone need to find me.  Booted also.  Just about managing to put one foot in front of the other with all that clobber, oh!  and gloves.   Gloves nowadays have touch fingers.  For mobile users.  Ye Gods.  But also useful when turning cameras on and off.

Plenty surf.  The DP explained to me the other day that although it is flat calm as in no wind today.  The wind before, like yesterday causes the sea to still be wild and surfy.  Mine of information is the DP, tho he still hasnt explained to my satisfaction why sunset sunsets in a different place now to what it did in the Summer.  But then I am a bit thick on Geography.

Blackheaded Gulls sorting out their plumage.

Oystercatchers having a siesta.  There were masses of these today.

And to the left.  Beyond the surf were the surfers.

Back home.  Some painting, more Christmas cards put together.  

I finally found someone suitably qualified to come and cut my toe nails.  This is probably an old age thing and not everyone will be interested - I apologise.  But as the DP is my main carer and was worried he might remove part of my toe this is a plus.  I may yet return to the Prom suitable clipped without any amputations.  


Chris said...

Good you are getting out to the prom most days. I heard on the radio today that we have an ocean front community in Nova Scotia (Lunenburg) that has the highest number of centenarians per capita in the country due, scientists think, to their exposure to salty ocean breezes.

BadPenny said...

Gorgeous photos. My woolly hat is in use again. My mum has a toe lady visit her xx

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

the sun sets differently in summer and winter because the earth tilts either away from the sun (winter) or towards the sun (summer) making it appear that the sun has moved when in reality it is us that has. In winter, if the sun shines, we get beautiful shafts of light in to the back of the house but in summer the angle is so different that the kitchen and dining room are dark and cool. Give me sunshine every time!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Small things are important as one ages. I know that for sure.