Saturday, 18 November 2017

Ah - the Weather.

I check the weather forecast a number of times during the day.  Its Met check.  I do look as it changes.  And it is not always right.  But today with the forecast for 30 mph plus winds it was right.  Although it neglected to mention the rain.  It didnt matter to me as no way was I going out for a walk at anything over 20 mph, let alone 30 ++

The DP went out to buy the paper at Cairnbulg this morning.    The wreck of the Sovereign,
and the wee harbour were being swamped.

Down the shedudio in the afternoon.

Bird watching.

Masses of birds on the ground, the wind was moving the feeders around so the seed was

Inside was cosy, but that meant the windows began to steam up!

I gave up and came back into the house and opened the wine.

Better tomorrow.


Chris said...

Everything looks better after a glass of wine, I find.

The Weaver of Grass said...

It was cold and windy here too but this morning it is still so hopefully a better day.

Mum said...

Sounds good to me.