Friday, 3 November 2017


So today was my flu jab.  1.15 p.m.  

The DP was off early to pick up child number 4 from Montrose who was on the train from Edinburgh, and then visit Montrose Basin, a wildlife reserve.  

I was early for the flu jab, but was still called in within seconds of getting there.  
Had I had diarrhoea or sickness in the last week.  NO.  Had I had any antibiotics in the the last two weeks. NO.  So I was jabbed.  Then I had to sit for two minutes in the waiting room with all the people coughing and sneezing.......  And how come when the DP has his flu jab he is not told to sit and wait for 2 minutes???

So I then went down to the Esplanade for my walk.

What a beautiful day.

The tide was on the turn.

The surfers do not seem to bother about the fact it is colder.  Nor do some of them get any better.  But they keep trying.  

This one is unhooking her leg from the surf board.  They didnt have this in my day, if you lost your surf board you lost your surf board, (late 60s when I surfed in Cornwall, much warmer.)

As the tide went out the Gull Gang appeared.

Mainly Black Headed Gulls (in winter plumage).

But there were also Oyster catchers.

Been catching up with 4th childs doings and plannings .  That's this Friday.

Breathing been a bit of a struggle today.  As the weather gets colder par for the course.  Hey ho.  But I shouldn't get the flu.  +


Tom Stephenson said...

I will not be commenting on your blog again until you remove the moderation Jill, if you care at all.

justjill said...

I have removed it - see what happens.