Thursday, 16 November 2017

Be positive.

A better day.  You just have to gird up yer loins.  

Joiner coming tomorrow to quote for fence replacement.  Either our savings account or insurance will pay for it.   But it has to be done.  We will then have reflective painted chevrons (or scary faces) painted onto the fence.  Then wait and see.  No idea how much cctv costs which has been suggested.  But what if you can't see the number plate or the vehicle has no identifiable features?? Hmmm.

Domestic matters.  Some time ago we were gifted a wine rack. So we had the t.v removed from the kitchen, on your right. And the wine rack then hung where the t.v. had been.  Now this house has a built in wine rack in the kitchen.

To the left of the fridge freezer by the door.

It also has two wine fridge efforts either side of the unit in the dining room.  Silvery coloured glass fronted efforts.

And to be honest wine doesnt stay long in any of the wine racks.

So we removed the state of the art wine rack and replaced it with this.

One of the DPs photos put on canvas.  Which covered the hole where the plug had been and the holes left when the t.v. was removed from the wall.

Which goes with other painting and photo in the kitchen depicting food of some sort. This is a kitchen = food prep.

Oil still life by my framer Doug Irvine.

The DP'S photo of a lobster, ready for cooking, we were once given.

May need to readjust the heights of hanging!

I didnt walk today as the wind was so strong.  Plus at 3 p.m. I had the Mobile Foot Health Care .  Always been averse to anyone touching my feet.  But this was a breeze.

Very professional, hygienic, thorough.  Amazing.  Far better than the DP worrying he was about to amputate a toe.  Apart from the diagnosis as to athletes foot and fungal nail treatment required - fine.

So I am now feeling really positive. Yay.


Terra said...

I like seeing the photos of your home, it looks very spacious and light and not cluttery.

Chris said...

Ooh! Now I want a pedicure! Lovely art work and DP's photos are super!

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

Lovely spacious kitchen - spot of envy here!

We live in an traditional terraced house built about 170ish years ago and the out house and privy were knocked through and converted in the 1980s, to make the kitchen, we moved in 2001/2. So it is a compact space, especially when there is myself, my husband, two ravenous cats and a hopeful dog all trying to do something, when my two teenagers try and join in then it is standing room only!