Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Struggle day .

But then one tries to be positive.  Awful feeling that one of my ribs may have crumbled. Or cracked.

Mental state not helped by the DP having gone to feed birds, checked rat poison, been to shedudio moving my paintings down there and never noticed the fence damage, therefore it had to have happened mid  morning in broad daylight.  When I was in the house, with the radio on and not in the kitchen where I might have witnessed who did it....

To bring you all back up to speed.  We had a Leylandii hedge there which was there for 20 years without any damage.  It was then damaged on a number of occasions which eventually killed this part of it.  So an insurance claim went in and we got a replacement fence.

This was then ploughed into and we removed the damaged bits, and strung up fairy lights.  Our plight was even in the local paper.

Some of the latest damaged bits are flung into the garden.

We have decided we have to replace the fence.  Otherwise we will have a vehicle in the garden damaging the lawn, the trees, killing the cat or me on my way to the shedudio.  I am soooooooooo upset by this.

Hey ho.  Apart from that - beautiful weather again today.  Although the 20 plus mph winds return tomorrow.

Kessock Burn going into the sea, thats where the Gulls gather for wash and brush up, feather sorting etc.

Great Black Backed Gull.


Great Black Backed having a stretch.

Back home.

Shedudio is now housing most of my paintings.  Hung or displayed - safely.

And - tada - I now have my daylight bulb lamp so I do not have to pack in drawing or painting at 3 p.m.

So the end of a struggle day.  Half the solar lights are still working on the perimeter fence.  So taking my cue from them I will battle on.


lynney62 said...

Not your fence..again!! You should replace that area with a cement wall...That'll stop the crashers.....heyho :)

vic said...

So sorry about your fence. I can imagine how wildly frustrating it must be for you. Not to mention how expensive to deal with.

Lynda said...

Sorry about your ribs...and fence :(

I really enjoy your sea pics...and your artwork...

We have very strong/gale force winds here today too, which my head does not like. I get migraines due to weather changes (too hot, north-easterly winds, etc), but sometimes we just have to soldier on regardless...

I plan on sitting quietly and reading or knitting/crocheting...

Enjoy your art!! xx

Churn Dash said...

We live in the States now. It has always amazed us how many times the same signs and fences are knocked down. The city puts them back up without changing them.

Having said that, they did redesign one junction to reduce the number of accidents. The sound barrier fence only gets hit about every 3 months now (as opposed to about once a month). It gets repaired every 6 months so it is nearly always an eyesore.

I can understand how frustrated you must feel about your fence. Maybe some quick grow behind the fence? Maybe the fence would protect it.