Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Our Plumber has just left.  8.30 p.m.  On Sunday morning I woke to foul fume smells.  Eventually worked out it was from our central heating boiler in the garage.  So it was all turned off.  Hot water we can get from the electric immersion heater which we have never used, but thankfully it worked.  Keeping warm however has been a struggle.  As the mornings are now Autumnal and if the weather is overcast and wet so is the rest of the day.  Evenings are ok as thats when we light the wood burner.  Down the shed is cosy with the electric fire on the lowest setting.  But tonight was the earliest he could come.  Its all done now.  Serviced and cleaned and we are signed up for an annual visit.  Phew.  Survived.

This morning I visited the art group I used to attend.  The Group is part of our annual exhibition which is on the 21st October.  So I was taking in hard copy of the entry forms and trying to fill in the rota for helpers during the exhibition.  I spent an hour listening to each person's woes.  I felt like a sin eater by the time I was ready to go /had enough.  Hopefully some will put entries in and even more hopefully will sign up to assist during the exhibition.  Survived.

After lunch the therapy.  For me.

Calm sea.  Breeze was warm?  Weird. Spitty rain.

The shape of this washed up fishing net was a bit worrying.  Could almost see a body in there.

Bit hazy, but this is a Gannet hunting.  They then lift up then down like an arrow, which there was no way I could catch.

Black Headed Gull in winter plumage (no black head)  Dont you just love the red legs and beak?

Three of them having a bath at the Kessock Burn Spa.

And a Redshank.

Another swathe of clerical work inviting artists and photographers to enter in to the FASE4 exhibition.  Fighting with modern technology.  Aaaaargh.  I survived.  Though I do sometimes wonder why I do this.  


Sue in Suffolk said...

Just a nice quiet day then!! :-)

justjill said...

Wish there were more of them! x

Chris said...

There's always something interesting at the beach, isn't there?