Saturday, 30 September 2017


I got up.  I managed to wash my body and my hair.  The DP escaped on a bird watching jaunt (saw very little due to his companion's wittering.)  

I went for my walk.

It was much colder than I thought it was, so next time it is the winter coat.  And from now on.

There were a lot of Oystercatchers.

Which when I crop the photograph down should give me lots to paint.

And look what re-appeared in the Kessock Burn.  The bit of red wood.  Still no idea where it came from.

The Farmers here are desperate due to the amount of rain.  We have more forecast and very strong winds tomorrow and Monday, so I doubt a walk for a while.

Tonight.   We can see the bales have been put into pairs which makes them easier to uplift onto a trailer.  But there are still parts of the field uncut. 

So it is battening down for the next few days.  But the sky tonight was glorious,.

Bedtime for me.


lynney62 said...

I read your blog every day...I find it always lifts my spirit since I live nowhere near the the sea but am fascinated by the sea. I live in Illinois, USA.. Anyway, I'm writing this to ask your permission to "copy/save" some of your wonderful photos of the sea and the various seabirds...just to use them on my laptop desktop page to enjoy, personally. I promise I won't "share" or "pass them on" to anyone or anywhere on the net.....But seeing them on my "desktop" everyday would just be lovely! I will understand if you'd rather I did not.....Thank you...Have a wonderful weekend.

Chris said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for some good weather for your local farmers.

BadPenny said...

There is time to witter and time not to. Husband has just delivered a yacht to the south of France. One man withered on at night watch when husband wanted to enjoy the night ans stars.

crafty cat corner said...

I had a wittering driver in the taxi when I went to see Tom one day, didn't stop the whole journey, then on the way home I had one that didn't say a word, there's no pleasing me lol

justjill said...

Nancy - carry on. No problem in you using my pics.