Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Life change due.

I am becoming bored.  

I am fed up of the life restrictions of COPD and other health issues and am having a deep think as to what I want to do when I grow up.

Today I went for the walk on the Prom.  Nothing new there.

A grey, overcast day.  But less wind so off I went.  Breathed in the fresh sea air.  And the stink of the seaweed.....

Gull gang looking grey too. 

And a scruffy Oyster Catcher who is probably sorting his feathers out for a smarter winter coat.

Back home and down to the shedudio.  Some more on the Brown Hare.

So I doubt any of the above I will be packing in.

But I need to bring other things into my life which I am capable of .  Hmmm.  Not sure what.  The DP has suggested I become a lady who lunches or has afternoon tea.  There are so many choices in venues I am tempted and miss a good chat.  Watch this space.

Other news is I was contacted by the local newspaper re our destroyed hedge/fence and fairy lights.  (Ace reporter is a friend of mine on facebook who picked it up, showed it to his boss who said go for it....)  So tonight I spent some time being photographed.  In the dark, risking life and limb, and it probably wont be published.  Not quite what I imagined when I said I wanted a life change being loony of the week in the local paper.

There is me being placed.  The photographer (wearing high vis waistcoat, unlike me...) 

 You can just see the twinkling fence lights on the left. I was so pleased they came on after such a dull day we had had.   After many 'takes' I was shown the results and proudly the photographer asked if I was pleased with what he had done.  I had to own up then and say I hadnt got me specs on so had no idea!   

No hope for me is there.


kjsutcliffe - artist said...

Your response to the photographer had me chuckling 😊

marlane said...

Had you thought to go on Etsy and sell your art work. It is very rewarding to make money and figure out how to advertise it there. I have done this with pedigrees of horses that I make.I have an aunt who makes doll house mini paintings and sells them there and doll clothes. I also do ebay but it is not as lucrative.

BadPenny said...

I like the photo shoot in the dark ! How about joining or forming a book group ?

Sue in Suffolk said...

Thank you for the smile this morning - they should have supplied you with a high-vis jacket for your risky-intrepid-reporter- photo-shoot or maybe even bullet proof!