Sunday, 24 September 2017

Its all go here.

The Peer Fermers. ( Not a misprint - I 'm practising my Doric.)

Too windy for a walk today.  I went to the Prom, parked, and the car was rocking from side to side.  I know my limitations.  Those were gusts that would seriously damage someone 4 feet 10 and weighing 7 stone and a bit.  So I came home.

Although windy there has been no rain.  The Farmers are now working non stop to get the crops in.  Round us its Barley.

The field at the front of our house has been done, Combined, bailed, bang.

The field to the rear has had some problems.....

Here is the Combine Harvester.  Rattling along.

And then.... it ground to a halt.  Now I don't know whether this was to do with ground being wet or it had hit one of the sink holes this field is prone to.  Some years back we used to watch tractors disappear out of sight when ploughing.  I always watch closely as our mains water comes across this field.  And our Electric, so I again watch closely as they skirt round the poles carrying the wires.

Anyway stuck it was and had to be towed out backwards by the blue tractor.  The Red Tractor has the baling machine behind it.

Off the Combine goes cutting the Barley, leaving the cut stalks for the Baling Machine.

And then disgorged the grain into the trailer, which when full,  then goes off to be dried.

It was getting dark, and all was packed up and off the drivers went.  But I remember when head lights were switched on and they kept on till it was finished.  Although that did not involve the Combine being towed out twice from being stuck.  Lets hope it doesnt rain tomorrow.  

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BadPenny said...

I love watching the combine harvester in the field behind us. The field is all prepped and sewed again.