Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Its the taking part not the winning.

Now getting to grips with our annual exhibition at Dalrymple Hall.  21st - 23rd October.

The first of much bunting.  Each pennant portrays someones idea of "My Town."  i.e. Fraserburgh.  Our Community Challenge involves everyone from nursery age upwards.  Glad someone else is doing sterling work on this one.

I spent the morning on basic clerical stuff, minutes, agendas etc for the next meeting on Thursday.  Later I emailed round all the artists I know and Photographers.  Inviting them to exhibit.

Then after lunch off to have my hair cut.  Most of the clippings went down my back.  I had to completely strip off on my return and change my clothes.....Itching like mad.

In between I managed a plod along the Prom.  Bit further today but still not built up to the .59 of a mile.

The sea was much calmer.  The sun was out and there was little wind.

Two hopeful Surfers.

This was the ONLY member of the Gull Gang.  A Blackheaded which couldnt decide whether to bathe or not to bathe.

And this very poor picture (through a mucky window from the shedudio) is a Siskin.  The DP was concerned he hadnt seen any.  

The other failure was my camera was on charge when we saw a Spotted Flycatcher on the fence and neither of us managed a photo.  It was the first time I had seen one too.  Hey ho you cant win them all.  

Swamped with secretarial duties for FASE4 not winning anything much at all.  

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