Monday, 29 June 2020

Weather effects.

Headache then it rains heavily and headache goes.  Plus my breathing becomes easier.  No wonder I an forever checking the weather forecast.  Drives the DP mad.

Surfers and life jackets no.  Mostly good swimmers.  Always plenty adults with the kids learning.  Plus our beach is shallow for a long way out.  They are all taught about rip tides and any other dangers.  The main dangers on the beach are when idiots bring inflatables.  Lots of near death problems with them.

Today alternated between very humid and then the rain freshened us all up.

A wonky video of how best I love the Prom and the beach.

Some boat activity.  I think I will get myself to the harbour and then paint a boat - on paper of course!

Gull Gang present today.

Thats me.

The DP excelled himself with this weeks flowers.

Sunflowers are a favourite of mine.  In there also roses, lilies and ????  Any ideas what the orange one is?


kjsutcliffe - artist said...

Gorgeous sunflowers, worth a painting? The orange flower is a cockscomb x

Chris said...

Very interesting looking. I'd like to know what it is too!

Stellamarina said...

Yes....Cockscomb or Celosia
Good to see you still hanging in there. Loved the picture of your studio the other day.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Love the sea noise on the video - can't wait to hear it for real - Nicola is allowing us to go up next week to self contained holiday places - I am packing in readiness. Will keep well away from people though - just need to check caravan and cottage OK.
Sunflowers gorgeous - I can see a painting.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Sunflowers are such happy flowers but that orange thing looks very weird.
Looking forward to a boat painting.
Have a good day

crafty cat corner said...

We don't seem to be able to win with the weather. If it's too hot it doesn't suit, if it's damp it doesn't suit Tom and at the moment it's blowing a gale. Oh well, its something to complain about, lol

Tigger said...

we love the shadow picture - positive and negative spaces.

Ellen D. said...

The video of the Prom and empty beach was great - I love hearing the wind. My favorite is always the boats - something about those bright colors just make me smile. You should paint one!

mamasmercantile said...

A beautiful arrangement of flowers, you are one lucky lady.