Thursday 22 December 2016

Winter Solstice.

Due to the short hours of daylight my time spent painting is equally shortened.  From now on the day light lengthens in time - albeit by seconds per day. 

My shedudio is in a Summer House.  (Photo obviously taken in the Summer !)

Some work is displayed in there and there are also 2 browsers crammed with unframed paintings, which have been mounted and wrapped in cellophane.

From my work station I can look left.  The buckets contain bird food.

Looking right is my bird feeding station.

At the rear is the sink, radio, one of my tea trolleys.  The other is alongside me as I work with the tubes of paints on the top.

I often get distracted.

At the moment we are awaiting bad weather.  Whereas I would normally be out for my walk early afternoon my intention is to spend the whole of tomorrow in the shedudio.  Cleaning, sorting, long overdue !

Today I did my usual walk

The bay is filling up with large boats that service the oil rigs to ride out the storm. (Plus they dont want to pay harbour fees.)

The calm before the storm.

Finally.... last night we witnessed another of nature's phenomenen.

The green tree - thats an aurora.


Stillwaterrunsdeep said...

Your shedudio is fabulous! What a lovely place, and beautiful surroundings, and a perfect spot for your wonderful paintings! Thank you for sharing. Also, I admire your tenacity in the daily walks and wish I could be more motivated myself in that department! Kudos, and blessings to you!

Mum said...