Friday, 16 December 2016

It is nearly Christmas.

Not sure how I have managed this but everything appears to be sorted.  

Because of health issues I took the easy way out and to the nearest and dearest they got cash.  I have no idea what toys all the grandchildren have or as they are so small what they would want or what parents would deem acceptable.  

Parents ditto.  

Of course since I did that I have been blasted with adverts and thought oh now I should have got that.....

The more distant relatives our sister and brothers will hopefully receive an unbroken pottery gift.  And I managed stuff for the Dawn Patroller which he doesnt know about so has something to unwrap from under the tree.

The cards are all made and sent

So here is yours.

Ptarmigan in the Aberdeenshire Mountains painted by me.

From now on in my posts will probably be about the things I have totally forgotten about.  But the shops are still open.  And Amazon assures me it still has its slaves on the case.

Unless we get snowed in.


vic said...

It's a wonderful feeling when all the Christmas "stuff" is taken care of. Then we can just sit around and enjoy the ride.

Merry Christmas.

kjsutcliffe said...

Nope,not organised here ... not at all ... tree still naked.. gifts still half made or not bought ... but hey ho! Why change a habit of a life time :) Lovely card from you though :) I rather like ptarmigans.

Stillwaterrunsdeep said...

Merry Christmas! All the best to you in the New Year! The card is lovely! ❤️🎄

Mum said...

Thank you for the card. Christmas will soon be here.

BethB from Indiana said...

Your paintings are lovely. Do you ever sell them? Are they in a gallery some place that has a website? I am very interested.

justjill said...

Hi BethB More of my work is on my facebook page -Buchan Birds and Beasts. If it hasnt been a commission it is for sale. If there was one you are interested in I can pm you with size and price.

Anonymous said...

Lovely painting on the card but Slade? No thanks to you for their rubbish racket now repeating itself constantly in my head!

Happy Christmas!