Friday, 30 December 2016

Another year almost over.

A clean beach as the tide goes back.  

Coming to the end of the year we do tend to think about cleaning the past year out and welcoming the New Year in.

So the pundits tell us.  

Apart from feeling stuffed eating some of the mountains of cheese the DP has purchased before it goes out of date .... I dont feel much different or think Sunday will be any different this week to last.  Does cheese actually go out of date?  The cheeses we like are actually better the older they get.  Bit like me !

The DP joined me on my daily walk today.  Really annoys me his photos are better than mine. But then is variety of lenses cost considerably more.

Amost at the end of the Path of Doom.  Now I am vaping and not a smoker I only stop to enjoy the view,  not to hang over the railings to get my breath.  6 weeks without a fag.  I still struggle with many things, bending to put footwear on is still a lengthy process!

But the Path of Doom does not seem as long as last year.


Lynn said...

Oops I tapped funny not comment ~ sorry.
Well done with the walking ~ you have inspired me to go back to walking ☺

justjill said...

I do aim to be funny. x

born and bred. said...

What a fantastic way to start 2017. Who knows that on December, 31st 2017, you may be able to run the length of the Path of Doom. I wish you all the best of improving health. Being born in the Broch some 77 years ago, I always look forward to your Blogs.