Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Eve

It is strange having nothing to do, apart from making comments, not always welcome, on the food preparations for Christmas.

The cake.  As I am from Yorkshire our cake is not iced (I do not like marzipan either.)  Eaten with Wensleydale cheese.

Mince pies.  All food prep is now made by Masterchef the Dawn Patroller.

He enjoys cooking.  I was encouraged (booted out) while chestnuts were being peeled and stuffing prepared this afternoon.

Gusts of 39 m.p.h. and rain.

Looks quite calm out there.  But it wasnt.

I survived.

Hope you and we survive the festivities of this evening and tomorrow.

We are told it will be like a Summer's day tomorrow.  In the North Eaast of Scotland that means just above freezing, wind speeds just into double figures and gentle rain.  Followed by snow.

Happy Christmas.

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Lilly's Mom said...

Merry Christmas from windy, rainy southern California! Pat