Thursday, 8 December 2016

Nearly the big C.

Much better now.  

Back to charging up the Esplanade.  

And up and down the Path of Doom.  I call it this as it took me a long time to actually get to the end which is where the sand dunes start and no through road for my chariot.  It measures .59 of a mile there and back from where I park my car.  Every bit of fence I know intimately as I leant over and struggled to get control of my breathing again.

There has been some fantastic weather recently.  Temperatures into double figures, very little wind and sunshine.  Okay not much in the above pic but what a beautiful sky.

Oyster Catchers


Plenty of material for my paintings!

Although not enough daylight for doing much painting.  I do have a daylight bulb in the shedudio, but it is not the same as the real thing.

3.30 p.m.  Sunset.  

So quite a struggle to .....

crack on and the cheetah looks more like a monkey...

The Dawn Patroller was out doing what he likes to do,  and does well,  taking photos.  He met a fellow bird watcher and photographer and they got talking.  Turned out this chap had less lung function than me, had COPD, but was quite obviously fitter.  All down to this.

Vaping.  I have struggled for many years to pack in smoking.  Tried everything including some drug which was guaranteed by the NHS to work and sent me doolally.  Obviously as I have COPD I probably was doolally smoking.  Well I stopped - 3 weeks ago.  Now I vape.  The difference is -  I feel as if I have got my life back.  

Best Christmas Present ever.


busybusybeejay said...

Well done.Keep it up.You'll be running along the prom soon!!!!!

Mum said...

Good for you. Keep up the walking.

Terra said...

What a great Christmas gift you have given yourself, and you being in better health is a gift to all the folks who love you too. Well done, friend.