Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Hang on.

The day after yesterday...

The photo shows the Kessock Burn entering the North Sea.  This changes daily.  Sometimes the burn has deep sides or goes in completely different directions.

Usually there are Gulls gathering where the burn meets the sea.  

Not on Sundays tho or holidays as dog walkers abound.  

John Grey, Goinggently blog, would have loved it today as I swear most of the walkers were from a zombie film. The Walking Dead certainly sprang to mind.  But its impossible to photo people walking slowly and aimlessly and my camera battery would run out.

But the weather.  What a difference - absolutely beautiful.  Unlike most of the walkers today I powered up and down the path.  (Note my powering is just faster than a zombie.)

There were quite a few surfers.  But they were not 'getting up' - bit like zombies?  

Now I am leaving you with - I hope - a laugh.  

A very dear friend has given me this to wear when walking the esplanade and its blowing a hooley.  Medical advice is to cover the mouth so that the air is warmed before entering damaged lungs.  How kind.  


Chris said...

Love your photos of the North Sea - makes me very nostalgic. I was born in Arbroath and spent a few years in Montrose as a child. Now I am so far away from an ocean of any kind I really miss the big waves and constant thrum. Keep posting!

Lizziemac said...

Great post, thanks. Happy New Year when it comes.