Saturday, 31 December 2016

Bring it on.

I am setting up a shop on my facebook page Buchan Birds and Beasts.

The painting above, without the words !  will be in the shop.  One has to do something different on a new year.

"lang may yer tackits clatter doon the close"   

A wee bit of Doric to wish you all Happy Hogmanay.


crafty cat corner said...

Reading your " long may your..... reminded me of my other Grandsons in Ayr. Although their mum and dad are English they have been bought up in Ayr and so speak with a quite a broad Scottish accent, sometimes I can hardly understand what they are saying, lol
Your paintings are beautiful, hopo you get some sales.

justjill said...

Hi Briony, One of the more mature residents of Fraserburgh writes in Doric beneath the many photographs he puts on facebook. The times I have to ask ???? but he is so kind and tells me with good humour. And yet our road signs are in Gaelic which no one round here speaks !