Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Aberdeenshire - and cats.

Anyone get to see Countryfile on Sunday?  It was about the area I live in, Aberdeenshire.

Macduff Marine Aquarium we have visited many times.  It is open all year round so somewhere to visit with grand children - or without.

Crovie, pronounced Crivie , has no road to the cottages so everyone has a wheelbarrow. This is used to transport shopping from the car parked at the bottom of the road to the village.  This transport mode was not mentioned at all !

Gardenstown is another village further up the coast from us.  Bryan Angus, fellow artist, lives there .  He and his partner run the Creative Retreat and have courses in Art.

It was a great programme with lots of other interesting stuff. We recorded it but those of you who know how to use catch up things - do it.

Our cat, Cait Sith, really enjoyed it.  Here he is with the Dawn Patroller.  Then he had to get closer.

Cait Sith is possibly a Kellas cat.

His double (stuffed and in a glass case) we saw at Aberdeen University Zoology department.  Very large black cat  Sith was a few centimetres shorter from nose to tail.  The Kellas cat is thought to be a cross from a Scottish wildcat which is currently subject of a lot of hoo ha of protection, and a feral cat.  Feral cats and any loose domestic ones are being neutered.....

Today I walked my .59 of a mile before lunch instead of after.  Daylight is very short now and I really wanted to paint.  Never seen so many Oyster Catchers having fun as the tide came in.

My granddaughter wants a painting of a cheetah.  Sadly not found in Aberdeenshire, except on my drawing board.


Lilbitbrit said...

I always enjoy your postings and will try and find that programme, not sure if I will be able to in USA

crafty cat corner said...

Must have been something interesting for the Oyster Catchers, we don't get many of them down here in the south.
I love the cheetah,

kjsutcliffe said...

We have a tabby moggy who we jokingly say she is a 'Yorkshire Wild Cat' ( a slightly friendlier, podgier and purryier version of the Scottish Wild Cat! although some days she'd like us to think otherwise) The cheetah looks good :) not many round here either but they used to be where I grew upx