Wednesday, 20 January 2021


 Not a lot happened.  No sign of the builders.

I did get a text message from the Government.  "As someone on the shielding list you will be offered your first coronavirus vaccine dose by mid February......"  I will be contacted by my NHS Health board or G.P.  Whoooooo.

To the Prom.

Getting dark.  The boats had their lights on.

I did get out of the car.  So cold.

Surf School.  Improvement every day, so good to see.

I did a short walk.  Difficult.

Beach walkers.

Back in the car.


wherethejourneytakesme2 said...

Mid February is not too long to wait now - we are still doing 80's list around here.

Rachel Phillips said...

Good photos of boats today.

Laurie said...

I wish it was sooner for you but at least you know now👍👍👍❤️

mamasmercantile said...

Glad you have confirmation that you will be getting the vaccine soon, it must have lifted your spirits.

Ellen D. said...

That's good news about your vaccine - won't be long now.

Jules said...

That's some good news about your vaccine. X

Jean said...

Great photos again and good news you will soon have your vaccine. DB and I are booked for 30th January as we are in our 70's and most older people have already had theirs in this town.