Tuesday, 19 January 2021


 The builders arrived with lots of breeze blocks stacked up on the front garden now.

My carer managed to park on the drive and although I was struggling with my breathing she managed to get me washed, moisturised and dressed.  

The cleaners were due at 1.30 but yet again were asking to have an earlier/ different time.  We have had enough of them no problem with their cleaning but...and so I asked them not to come again.  It is to me that once a time is fixed it remains as otherwise I have to rearrange other things.  And I can do without that pressure.  Plus it was every week wanting to change.

The Prom.  An interesting session with some other people I have met/know who are of a similar age and the conversation was who had had the jab!  I was told I was not old enough.  But yes I was vulnerable.  What was interesting that the ones who had had the jab had all been telephoned by their surgery with dates and times to choose from.  Not a letter- a phone call.

It was lovely to speak to these people all socially distanced of course.  Laughter too.  Although I did get totally out of breath with talking !

Cold but little wind, no rain, I walked as well as talked.

Blackheaded Gulls on the rocks.

The beach.  The Sea.  The Sky.

A swimmer.  In a wet suit.

Videos of Tiger Hill surfers and sledgers.

I just want my jab.  Dont we all?!


Chris said...

Oh, goody, videos! That looked like fun. You should have been at the head of the queue for the jab, Jill, IMHO. I'm not expecting mine before April despite being in the 75-80 cohort. They are still vaccinating all residents of communal settings (that includes jails!) and are presently all out of vaccine.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I had my jab a fortnight ago, I was telephoned at 4pm and given a choice of 8.30 or 9.30 the next morning.there were at least forty people who had already had their jabs when I arrived so good ness knows what time they started.

Ellen D. said...

Good videos! Reminds me of the video my son sent me of my grandson sledding in the snow! I didn't realize you could sled on sand too!
Stay well!

Laurie said...


Jackie said...

Neat videos.

Won't be getting my jab for awhile so I will continue being very careful.

Glad that you got to walk, talk, and laugh.

God bless.

mamasmercantile said...

The sledging videos were such fun. People here are getting a phone call for their vaccine jabs too.