Sunday, 17 January 2021


 I swear it is getting colder.  All clobbered up we went to the Prom.

Being Sunday afternoon and we had had sunshine now gone it was busy.

I got to the railings.  Subsequently a short walk.  Lots of smiles and Hiyas.  Warms the cockles mentally, sadly not physically!

Surf school.

The Dunes and the sky above.

It was good to get back home and warm up.


Laurie said...


wherethejourneytakesme2 said...

I only went outside to hang the washing today - still cold out there - all snow has disappeared. Walking was off today as DH has a bad back - just a muscular twinge but he is walking around like a hunchback - I think it might be to avoid laying the new laundry room flooring! Glad you got out.

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

We managed to get out yesterday, it was rather wet and windy but lots of folk getting out, we all need to escape and breathe the air xx

Jackie said...

Started snowing here last night and after a couple of hours break has started again.

I am glad that you got out even if it was for a shortish walk. Isn't it wonderful when people miss you.

God bless.