Friday, 3 June 2016

Blooming June.

Not been very summery so far but apparently weather is to improve.

The garden is certainly blooming. Fantastic blossom on the cherry trees, Laburnam and now Lilac.

We have a new gardener.  So far he has cut the lawns for us.  And done an amazing job, he strims first, then cuts, the grass looks as if it has been shaved.  One still has to ignore the weed infested borders.  However the fact the hated grass cutting is done has led to the DP giving them his attention.

He has also been emptying the pots, re-filling and re - planting. My view from the shedudio is vastly improved.

The other border to the left of the shedudio is about ready to burst forth in colour.  

Peonies and Poppies.

Just beyond the fence at the rear of the peonies there is to be a path created by our gardener for me to wheel the chariot (wheeled walker) over the grass and straight down to the shedudio and , more importantly, back up.  I currently have to use steps so cannot use the walker. So carrying things to and from falls to the DP.  So a bit more independence for me.

I am currently improving from a chest infection.  Been out today for a great walk, watching our life boat on manoeuvres .

The bottom photo also shows a surfer !  Both show the haar on its way (mist).

Hope you are all, like me, looking forward to the rest of June being blooming.


rusty duck said...

Looking good Jill. It's been a fantastic year for blossom. Glad to hear you're on the mend. Take care.

justjill said...

When I look around the garden Jessica I do have some pride as most of it I planted when I was fit. Hope you are now fully recovered too. x

BadPenny said...

I'm still sad about my lovely plants which the fencer removed; all were in flower.
Glad you have some help in the garden and you are enjoying it I think the weather is due to get hotter xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for celebrating with us about the Dafter's achievement. So glad you are feeling better now - and what a wonderful garden you have! Here in the tropics of the Central Belt, my peonies have just today all come into flower.