Tuesday 7 June 2016

Great Expectations.

The way down to the shedudio.  Left out of the kitchen door.  

And down the steps.  Coming back up - well.  Carrying anything, walking and breathing quite an issue.

We really didnt want to lose the arch.  It has honeysuckle, clematis and ivy holding it up.  It is used by the birds on their way to and from the feeding station. Some nest in it too. 

But then our gardener came up with a plan.

Today he began.

Still turn left out of the kitchen door. But then..... turn right.

There is the arch on the left so we keep that.  

The new path down to the shedudio. Brilliant !  Ladies Mantle and pots will be moved. Wee ramp into shedudio. More independence for moi.  The chariot and I can go down and up, I sling onto the chariots handlebars whatever I need to take down, and ditto coming back.  The DP no longer has to carry anything for me.  Tomorrow our wonderful gardener returns to finish the job.  Of course I will bore you all rigid with the second instalment.

We lost a Box bush which would have needed shaping and or taking cuttings from.  Too old for that. Me, not the plant. Also a Crocosmia which isnt lost.  The DP will split it and replant around the garden.  Great Expectations it will survive.


rusty duck said...

Crocosmia will survive Armageddon.

Terra said...

I am pleased your gardener came up with a brilliant plan which will make gardening so much more pleasant for you. I also adore the idea of the words "our gardener". Maybe some day we will hire one, as we are aging. I do too much in our garden, I admit. I enjoy the results though, like planting zinnia seeds today and weeding along a path.

BadPenny said...

So glad you kept the arch. I have ordered my replacement plants for the ones butchered x