Sunday 22 May 2016

Sunday, sweet Sunday.

The Dawn Patroller had one of his days off and out.  He went on a boat trip from Buckie, further up the North East coast.  

He was hoping to see a White billed Diver.

Image from tinternet.

What he did see were lots of these instead.

Dolphins.  I wouldnt complain!

Meanwhile I did my .59 of a mile which is from the car to the start of the sand dunes.

Although on this photo the dunes have encroached somewhat. This was taken after the last big storm, the council removed the sand.  They have some amazing machines.  But you cant beat people power.  This lot turned up yesterday, and collected an amazing amount of rubbish from the beach.  But the council were on hand to remove all the bags etc.

The sea was flat, calm today.  There was no wind, it was warm.  What this paddle surfer was doing out there I really do not know.  Practising balancing?

I did see a seal off the rocks by the caravan site.

This photo was taken on a more normal weather day but thats where I saw the seal.  Every time I took a photo as I clicked it sank beneath the waves.  Hey ho.

But then I have seen these and the DP hasnt.

Not this day .  Sunday, sweet Sunday.

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