Saturday, 13 February 2021


I hate the wind.  It was at 30 mph today gusting to 40 and upwards.  It is banging round the house now.  It moves the snow from the fields onto the road.  A lot of snow ended up in our drive and the DP had to dig to get me out.

The wind whipping the surf.

Not as much snow.

I remained in the car.

Prom dog.  Being blown.

The DP went off with my camera and got the birds for me.

On the way home we visited the Waters of Philorth.  Nature reserve.  The DP went to see what birds there were in the reeds.

Looks windy again tomorrow.  


Ruth said...

Oh, the blue-green of that whipping surf! I liked the drifts created and roads covered photo from yesterday, too. The picture last Wednesday of the black and white gull and the orange beak, looking at the photographer as if to say, "A picture of me? Aww...)"
Such variety in the photos. Take care.

L said...

It does look cold, keep warm,

Jackie said...

That dog actually looks as if he is cold. Brrr, wind and low temperatures are tough.

God bless.

Jules said...

Gosh, it looks so cold. The winds are meant to increase here today, and with the added threat of rain I think that other than a visit to the supermarket I'll just stay home. X

Sue in Suffolk said...

Very cold photos, much the same here - but without the sea and the birds

Carruthers said...

Just looking at those birds... It's a rotten time of year to be a wild creature.

Tom Stephenson said...

The sea was a good colour that day. Like jade.