Saturday, 6 February 2021


Still windy.  Snowed quite a lot but none lying here.  Though it is on the hills.

The cat we feed twice a day.  The DP calls it 'Your cat.'

Another day car bound at the Prom.

Looking across the bay to Cairnbulg and my favourite house.  The Lookout.

Taking photos of the many dogs who walk the Prom.

My appetite is back so I must be better.  Eating well.

4 days to go before jab day.

Applied for a postal vote today.  I have always voted in person.  But it becomes more of a struggle.  So at least my vote will count.


Jackie said...

LOL, calling it Your cat..... Glad that there are kind people like you feeding her/him.

Looks pretty stormy on the sea.

God bless.

Chris said...

I can just hear the DP calling "Your cat's here"!

wherethejourneytakesme2 said...

Snowing here at the moment too. Glad you are feeling much better.

Rachel Phillips said...

I like the new cat.

L said...

Excellent news👍❤️

Sue in Suffolk said...

Now it's become "your cat" it had better have a name!
Good to hear you are feeling lots better.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kitty update. If you are familiar with the books of Derek Tangye, you may have come across one titled, "Somewhere a Cat is Waiting." Well it looks like this one has been waiting for you. I have had cats all of my llife, some have been chosen and some have chosen me. This one has been "waiting" and has chosen you. So, yes, your cat now needs a name, somewhere warm to sleep, and you.