Tuesday 9 February 2021


I wish I was not reliant on oxygen.  Yet again a bottle should have been full and wasn't.  So I had some but not enough to get out of the car and walk and today was with weather where I could have.  Hey ho.  Tomorrow looks good.  I miss my walk.

Tom Stephenson no I didn't take the photograph of the seal pup.  The DP did.  He goes to get the newspaper at Cairnbulg and usually checks out the harbour.  

We still have snow and it continues.

'My cat' was covered with snow when it came for its tea.  We feed it but I doubt it will ever go beyond that as it is mistrustful of humans.  Must have/is feral.

Todays dogs on the Prom.

Sledging on Tiger Hill.

I have decided to replace some curtains in the house for a change.  I have used 247 curtains for many years and will do so again.  Ready made to hang.  Before this I made my own.  No longer fit for that.  I fancy going plain.  Some real pops of colour.

Better take some pics of what is there now.  Then after.

Nearly Thursday and our jabs.



Jackie said...

Your jabs are coming up very quickly.

Dogs on the prom is a wonderful title for those pictures.

God bless.

Terra said...

That sounds frustrating about your oxygen bottle not being full. Did I tell you I have a cat that won't come in the house and I searched online and bought her a heated house. It was not expensive, I leave it plugged in during the winter and the blanket bed gets a bit warm when kitty sits on it. The cat loves it for sleeping in.

Anonymous said...

Give it time. With gentle words, slow movements, food and enticing warmth and your patience, "your cat" will eventually come to trust you.

mamasmercantile said...

Hope you don't have to travel far for your vaccine and that the roads are safe. Are you in one of the areas where there is snow?

Bovey Belle said...

Just had my vaccine (the Pfizer one). Glad to have gotten it. Our eldest daughter lives with us and of course her life has been on hold - with greater restrictions than if she had been living alone. Now she can start meeting men again once we are out of Lockdown.

I am sorry to hear your Oxygen bottle was nearly empty - hope they get their act together.

I have new curtains (ready made, Dunelm) in the living room and they look great.

Ellen D. said...

Yes, being stuck inside so much we do notice all of the things we want to change, don't we? Good luck with the new curtains!