Sunday 7 February 2021


Snow on and off all day.

Prom visit.  An afternoon of sky changes.

Snow on Tiger Hill.

Here comes the snow.

Blue sky again and there's a Kite Surfer.

I remained in the car.

Why you should always shove your rubbish well in.

Then the sun came out.  

Shedudio and garden.

Blizzard since then.

More tomorrow.

And it is cold.  



wherethejourneytakesme2 said...

Very cold here with the wind chill factor. Your Shedudio looks lovely in the snow. Hope you are on the mend now.

The Furry Gnome said...

I wondered if you ever got snow way up there.

Chris said...

Stay warm and keep well, Jill!

Jackie said...

A nice little covering of snow. I hope you don't get much more.

God bless.

Gail, northern California said...

My goodness, those kite surfers are hardy souls, their arms and legs like steel. Is it cold for them or does the wetsuit protect them?

Jules said...

It's lovely to see the garden with a covering of snow. I hope you're keeping nice and warm. X

Sue in Suffolk said...

Nearly a foot of snow here! It's so unusual. I have to fetch wood in later

kjsutcliffe said...

It was bitterly cold yesterday, hoping despite the snow falling now that today will be less bitter.

mamasmercantile said...

A sprinkling of snow here too that came as quickly as it went.