Friday, 19 February 2021


A carer visit day.  Went well.  Now clean!

Very windy again.  Not freezing.  And the sun came out. 

Two fishing boats returning to harbour.

The DP went for a walk round the harbour.

These are the big fishing boats.  And a Harbour Seal.

The DP took some photos for me as I was in the car due to the wind.  The Gull Gang.

Some lovely poses from the Oystercatchers.

Todays Prom dogs.


Sunshine on Tiger Hill.

Across the bay to Cairnbulg is the Lookout.  A house I love.  It is on the way to the harbour there.  Where there still is the baby seal.

Just wish the wind would drop.


Carruthers said...

A great short of the seal! Used to watch them up close from the end of the Lindisfarne causeway but we never got a shot like that.

Tigger's Mum said...

We love that second to last picture of oyster catchers (with one reflection). That would be a great painting.

WendyAnn said...

Well you & DP have excelled yourselves with today's pics - something for everyone! The seal & 3 oystercatchers in a row are wonderful. x
Wendy (Wales)

Ellen D. said...

Wow! Those boats are so large! Seems dangerous for the little Harbor seal! Love the photo of the birds lined up!
Stay well!

Chris said...

Wonderful to see a seal. Great photos!

Jackie said...

The colour of those boats is so bright.

Great shot of the seal. Those eyes look so scared.

God bless.

Ruth said...

Those oystercatchers love to line up, don't they? Such striking birds.