Monday, 1 February 2021

February 2021

 Goodness me.  The year moves on.  

Tom Stephenson asked if I was still using the Shedudio.   Sadly no.  Its cold down there.  I am not allowed to keep the wood burner going as on oxygen.  Forbidden to go near naked flame.  But mainly my artistic doings are nil thanks to this damn virus.  Struggle on.

Trying hard to get back to some normalcy.

The DP was at the doctors today for bloods to be extracted.  The Prostate cancer levels will be checked.  Hospital want him for another MRI scan and biopsy.  

One of the smallest Surfers.

Oystercatchers and a Redshank on the right.  So plenty to inspire me to pick up the paint brush.

We had snow today.  The builders came back and finished the wall.  Bill to pay now.  Thankfully no problem there.

On a more positive note I think I am getting over this latest chest infection.  Although how much lung function is left now I know not!

But I am still here and still enjoying


The Furry Gnome said...

At least you can still enjoy that wine!

Sue in Suffolk said...

Good to hear you got to the prom.

Keep on keeping on....... sending positive ((((vibes))))to you

mamasmercantile said...

Sorry to hear about DP having health issues as well. Glad you are getting to the end of the chest infection. Hopefully you will be more comfortable for a little while. Good news that you are able to get out for a walk.

L said...

I’m so glad things are a bit better, take care, thinking of you,👍❤️

Ellen D. said...

Thanks for the photos of the colorful boats - they are my favorites! Glad to hear your infection is clearing up and you are getting out and about again. Stay safe and warm!

Tom Stephenson said...

Oh, I forgot about pure oxygen and the Russian space pioneers. At least the flash-point of red wine is pretty high - thank heavens.