Wednesday, 18 October 2017


The Garage roofers were with us again today - but have finished.  All done and the DP has been up the ladder and approved it all.  We still have one of the team to come next week and sort out the three dormer windows.  Well impressed.  

They shifted their truck to let me out and I escaped to the Esplanade.

Bracing weather .  Quite bracing.

Surfer still loving it.

And the Gull gang gathering.

Lots of blank spaces in the shedudi0 as the paintings are bubble wrapped and put in the granny shopping trolley, browsers I have emptied as they are to go for the exhibition. The browsers that is.  As are the table top stands.  I am exhausted.  

Then there's the labelling. Plus as some people are away - this being tattie fortnight when all the schools are shut for 2 weeks - we have bags full of other peoples art/photographic work for the exhibition to take in.  Both the DP and I are overwhelmed and whacked.

Why do I/we do it?  I ask myself.  Well art and photography are good for the soul.  They are good for retired people, people with mental and physical challenges.  So thats why.

I am still shattered.  My physical and mental challenges have exhausted me.


Tom Stephenson said...

You do it because you need to let others know that you are alive and you know that you are.

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

You do it, coz it is like childbirth, you soon forget the pain and the anguish and do it again ..... we are having a really difficult time at the moment with an artist who is going above and beyond being a diva. He has been taken off our christmas card list!!