Saturday, 21 October 2017

FASE 4 Exhibition.

Our first open to the public day.  The DP went down to find a lot of his photographic exhibition was on the floor.  Apparently the velcro was past its sell by date and the people applying it had decided that less is more and hadnt applied enough to hold an ant on a board let alone an A4 sized photo.  

I went down later to do my stint on the front desk.  This involves meeting and greeting, telling visitors where to go and flogging raffle tickets.  

I discovered, which I probably already knew, that talking needs a lot of breath.  Couldnt cope.  Drifted off to view the exhibition.

This is a display of work done by one of our committee.  Who took up two tables.  While everyone else was trying to find space for the many exhibits brought in.  Questions are to be asked.  No lets be honest.  Rants are to take place.  Everyone else's work has been hung .

All over the place.

Why did not every artist get their work displayed together?  My three paintings of Kinnaird Head would have had far more impact had they been displayed together instead of hung with other very good paintings, but do not relate. 

 I am sure there will be other artists annoyed at this.

See - it can be done.

Hey ho.  We have the 'wash up meeting' early November when hopefully this will be sorted as we move on to next year.

Not happy.


Sue in Suffolk said...

I can see why you are peeved and what are those round things anyway?

Any red dots on your paintings?

The Weaver of Grass said...

Do agree with you about the ng - it certainly needs sorting out before your next exhibition.