Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Not much to report.

Today the roofers arrived.

On the left of the house you can see the attached garage.  The roof leaked.  (This is an old aerial photo by the way.  Just concentrate on the garage.)  The roof was asbestos.  Oh dear.  Anyway plan A was to remove asbestos roof and repair/replace rotting roof trusses then replace roof.

Knock on the door.  "I just found our first problem."  saith the main man roofer.  

Turned out that the roof of the garage was constructed in such a way that plan A meant the whole gable of the house could disintegrate, i.e. fall down. Our house is mainly granite walls but there is the odd bit of breeze block in there too.

 So Plan B - repair the rotting wood trusses.  Then make a frame above existing roof and line then lay new roof.  With me so far?  Well I was lost.  

Anyway we agreed I wanted to stop it leaking so on we go.  And apparently the end price wouldnt be so different.....And big plus the DP would not have to take frequent trips to the tip with the asbestos roofing.

So this is them in.

There is the hole in the roof letting the rain in.

All our electrical bits hanging down or possibly the roofers.  I have now lost the plot.

So - as you and I can see we still view the asbestos, well it might not be asbestos but its corrugated and that leads everyone to believe its asbestos, roof.  Which will remain.

Then things got really exciting.

This is our roofers van.  

Now if you remember I have told you before about our narrow country road.  So the roofers  are coming back after disappearing for their lunch.  They are approaching another white van which is heading straight for them.  So take avoiding action which ends up with them demolishing a stone dyke (wall) and getting stuck in the field.  It took 2 tractors to get them out.  

The driver of the offending vehicle owned up - he was watching his satnav - which was on the passenger seat.  

You have to be kidding. No. 

So his firm is paying for the wall to be put back and the damage to our roofers truck.  No life was lost.  Just a bit of an increase on my stress levels.

Not much to report. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Gail, northern California said...

There must be times when you hate to get out of bed.
Still, I admire your spunk and humor through it all.

Sue in Suffolk said...

and I thought you had a nice quiet life up there in the wilds of Scotland!