Monday 26 September 2016


The seasons seem to belt round so quickly.

Last night, and more tonight, of the Northern Lights.  From our dining room patio door.

A few months ago, in June, it never got dark.  We are now getting darkish at 7.30 p.m.  Just on 10 p.m. the lights begin to dance in the night sky.

Or just make everything spooky.

St Combs Cemetery.

The Pink Footed Geese are arriving and will soon number many thousands.

I am still walking every day.  With the chariot.  We do the .59 of a mile.  

And get a lot of encouragement.

So here are a few more pics of what I see.

Oyster Catchers.

A Fishing Boat.

Great Black Backed Gulls.

And Sith who decided to leap to the top of the fence. And then couldnt get down.

Whatever the season.  There is always something to laugh at.


Mum said...

Those skies are spectacular. How lucky to see them from your window. The gulls look as though they are a trio of singers in full chorus - that or wanting to be fed. Poor Sith, I bet he dug his claws in whilst being rescued. Carry on the exercise, your sightings are many and varied and I enjoy taking the walks with you. Take care.

BadPenny said...

What a wonderful sight the lights must be x