Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Overdue update.

This is me today.  

The Dawn Patroller is now officially my full time carer.  I have had to own up to not being able to care for myself.  Not an easy task.

Attendance Allowance is not means tested.  This means my miniscule work pension and my state pension are not taken into account.  The chap we employ to cut our grass and trim the hedge which if untrimmed leads to road traffic management/road blindness etc is now sorted financially.   The Dawn Patroller can only do so much and cutting the grass is not an option.
  First I was turned down as I could 'obviously look after myself..'  Perched on a bath shelf while the DP washed my back, etc. etc. I dont think so.  

 We asked for a reconsideration.  And sanity returned. We got the Attendance Allowance.

My daily walk, weather permitting, carries on.

Cheered on by the Herring Gulls.

Over the last few weeks my car was hit, whilst on the drive, I have therefore had to pay for the body  repair.  

We started our North East Open Studios trail and at the first one one of the artists coughed in my face without holding a hand or a tissue over her mouth so I then had pleurisy.  

At the moment I am half way through a bottle of red wine.  So there you go an update.

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rusty duck said...

People can be so utterly thoughtless. I'm thinking about the plasterer who has left me sick for over a week by doing the same thing, although it pales into insignificance by comparison.
Keep fighting Jill. And smiling. And imbibing.