Sunday, 12 June 2016

Smoothing my path.

Here is the finished path.

Grass seed is going along the edges.

What was a surprise plus was how well the plants look with the  sleeper edging.  This bit of garden was nurtured and planted by me when I could.

I have had a few practice runs now and, apart from more practice in carrying a cappucino down, it is brilliant.

This gives you an idea of the slope we have.  Thanks to the gardener for noticing it was less where he has now put the path.  (Nothing like as steep as Jessica's precipitous bank which you can see on her blog Rusty Duck  - sorry I still cant master links but well worth looking at.)

What you see here on the ground are called chuckies up here in the North East of Scotland.  Decorative stone anywhere else.  And not helpful to chariots.  So my next plan is to have it paved.  A patio no less. I may even be able to potter amongst me pots again.  YAY.


Mum said...

Super duper. Now no racing down! Those sleepers do look good around your garden and when done your patio will be huge. It's looking good.

rusty duck said...

I hadn't realised quite how much your garden does slope before seeing that picture. And yes, the new formal edging to the borders does look very good. It's great to hear you thinking about pottering amongst the plants. It does the old heart good, it must work for lungs! Take care Jill and thanks for the mention x

Anonymous said...

Just brilliant! I am so happy for you. I hope you get out to the shedudio very soon again. Too bad you don't have a waiter to carry the cappuccino!

justjill said...

Ah well, I get down the shedudio every day. They would have to dynamite the way to stop me. And most days the DP carries the cappucino. But I want to do it all by myself !

BadPenny said...

great progress Jill x