Friday, 20 December 2013

The Pantomime - Oh yes it is!

Our Pantomine Productions in the Broch (Fraserburgh) began in 1953.  I was 4, I think that could have been the year when sweets were still rationed after the War.  I was living in a pit village in Yorkshire.  But here in the North East of Scotland along came Sleeping Beauty.

Performances on two nights. although even then it was twice nightly, as it is now, but for six days.  Always fully sold out.  In those days, 1953, the performances were at The Picture House, Mid Street, Fraserburgh.  The Picture House has long gone.  Now the Panto is at Dalrymple Hall.

So 60 years of putting on a Panto.

Apologies for poor quality photo, but you get the picture!  

The attendees tonight met at the Lighthouse Museum for Secret Santa gifts to be exchanged.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Sounds really Scrooge like.  Sorry, but I normally get stuff I wouldnt give house room to and recycle .... but well pleased.

Then it was off to the 'Himalayan Tandoori'!  In Fraserburgh!  

 Who is that little old lady?  Only one with wine to drink? Ha!

Gorgeous food and company.

Then on to the Panto.

It was wonderful.  Although I have to say having memories of the original story, NOT the Disney effort, I did find it difficult to follow.  But we had the Dame, the female lead who was female and the male lead who was male, bit of a break in tradition there?  The Dancers were fantastic, and no near nudity either.  A really professional production.  Price of ticket ?  £7.00.

Today.  The DP made some very interesting mince pies.

Me - down the shed .  Producing a very unChristmassy Ostrich painting. 

Unless you are having a very large bird in the oven?

Oh no we are not.



rusty duck said...

Great ostrich. No large bird here either but I must get on to the mince pies. It's the first time I'll have made them... and not a patch on the DP's I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful time, I wish I was there, wine and gifts, lol,
I love the ostrich, I also love how you think, lol,

BadPenny said...

Great fun Jill. I'd have wine too but plenty of water also !
Jess's fish restaurant staff have their works meal out tomorrow... opposite the fish restaurant at the curry house !

Our panto is coming along nicely. I have my rota for scenery shifting but have tickets booked just to sit back & enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fab time! :) We're about to have a big bonfire outside and a jacket tattie with chili. Hoping to get some pics! Unfortunately no panto for us though...unless the bonfire gets out of hand! xx

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Wow, that secret santa prize was brilliant. I always get blue body moisturiser. But even better is that Ostrich painting - you are very talented!